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Warning! Deposit support status and Withdrawal methods updates manually, so be careful data may be not actual. More info below

  • v1 - Usual XEM transfer
  • v2 - v2 transaction with empty mosaics array
  • m - Multisig transfer
  • v2a - v2 transaction XEM attached as mosaic

About XEM transfers

In ideal world where all agents implements api properly, we can not worry about our transaction, it will be counted correctly and be arrived at expected time as we assume. But in real world there are a lot of wonderfull surprising things like support tickets, missed opportunities, wasted time and others.

There are several ways to transfers XEM exists. Let's try to describe it

  • Standart v1 xem transfers amount counts how many

    "amount":1000000, "version":1744830465,

  • V2 xem transfers with empty mosaics array converts transaction to v1

    "amount":1000000, "version":1744830466, "mosaics":[ ]

  • Using v2 transaction with xem attached as mosaic

    "amount":1000000, "mosaics":[ { "quantity":1000000, "mosaicId":{ "namespaceId":"nem", "name":"xem" } } ], "version":1744830466,

  • Multisig transactions with othertrans array containing one of the type described above


So the problem is that nobody knows what code implemented and how tx will be proccessed at contragent's side.

Most safest and fastest way to transfers XEM between agents is using nanowallet or mobilewallet as middle agent, but it costs an additional fee.

If you have any additions for this table, please use telegram link in footer.

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